When a co-worker asked me about my front tuck this morning, I was a bit surprised. I mean, he is a man who’s wardrobe consists of shorts and sweatshirts only, but I was still surprised. I realized there are definitely people out there that don’t understand the “front tuck” and probably wonder why in the world so many people are wearing the trend. The front tuck has actually been a trend for a while now and I’m surprised it’s still going strong. I actually hope it doesn’t plan on going away any time soon because I love it.

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So, what IS the front tuck? It actually started as the French Tuck. It is a style where a shirt is tucked in only in the front and not in the back. To achieve the front tuck you simply tuck in the front portion of your shirt under the button of your pants/shorts/skirt and let the sides and back fall over your waist.

The front tuck does a few things that we love. It helps define the waist and make it appear smaller, it creates a more balanced outfit, and it allows us to show our belts to complete our outfit.

But, why not full tuck? While tucking in your shirt fully, the traditional way, is definitely still an option, the front tuck creates a completely different look. The full tuck will give you a more professional and tailored look, while the front tuck will give you a more relaxed and casual look. Although, now you are seeing it even more with dressy outfits.

I personally hated the front tuck at first. It took me a while to get comfortable doing it. It does wonders for short people, like me, by making the legs appear longer AND it makes your butt look fuller. And I have no butt, sooooooo, there’s that.

The front tuck does look a little funny from the side, I’m not going to lie. However, the overall appearance is better in my opinion.

The key to the front tuck is to keep it simple. Some try too hard and try to make it look too perfect. It’s intended to look a little undone and not so perfect.

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