More hand sanitizer has been sold in the past two months than any other time in history. First introduced in 1966 for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities, hand sanitizers have been especially popular since the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Hand sanitizers can be found in many different forms, wipes to liquids. They've become such a staple in our lives, we treat them like boxes of tissue. We have hand sanitizer in the bathroom, the kitchen, our desk drawer and in our vehicles as well.

Most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based. As a matter of fact, some hand sanitizers contain as much as 95% alcohol. So what happens when you leave a clear bottle of hand sanitizer in your car on a hot Louisiana summer day? The result could be devastating if sunlight hits a clear bottle directly.

The Western Lakes, Wisconsin Fire Department sent out a warning on Facebook recently about the dangers of leaving hand sanitizers in a hot car, next to an open flame or while grilling this Memorial Day Weekend.

Never leave alcohol-based hand sanitizers in the heat or near an open flame. What's keeping you germ-free could also cause serious injury to you or your family.

National Fire Protection Association warnings on hand sanitizer:


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