Country star Dierks Bentley is a man who enjoys his time in the outdoors. I think he uses his time with nature as an escape from his hectic lifestyle as one of country music's elite entertainers. Recently Dierks posted a video to his Instagram page that showed some of the pitfalls of a simple walk in the woods.

In the video the country hitmaker who has scored number one songs such as What Was I Thinking, Settle for a Slowdown, and Come a Little Closer can be heard describing a large rattlesnake that crosses his path while on a hike in the hills of Tennessee.

Bentley, who has produced 17 number hits on Country Radio, was walking along a trail a couple of days ago when he came across what he described as a double black diamond rattlesnake. Well, pardon Dierks if he is not a snake expert because experts in snakes, also know as herpetologists tell us that there is no such thing as a "double black diamond rattlesnake".

Based on video evidence and where the video was recorded, Dierks actually saw a timber rattlesnake. Those snakes are quite common in the part of Tennessee in which Dierks was hiking. There is a diamondback rattlesnake but those usually live a little further south of Tennessee.

Still, you can see from the video the snake did present a formidable foe. Snake experts say snakes of that species can grow to be anywhere from three to five feet long. This snake certainly looked to fall into that size category.

Fortunately for Dierks and his hiking companions, the snake did what most snakes would do when encountering a human. It slithered away as fast as it could. There was no harm to the country singer nor the snake and as far as we can tell, both will live to see another day.

By the way, Dierks has a new single out. It's called Beers on Me. Snakes are not included.

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