You learn something new every day.

What's even better than learning something new every day, is when that "something new" is in your own backyard. In this case, while it may not be our literal backyard, Girard Park could easily be considered "the backyard of Lafayette."

From the ducks at the pond to the playground area and sprawling green spaces surrounded by a walking track, for decades Girard Park has been home to a lot of recreational activities for the citizens of Lafayette. Not far off Johnston Street, one half of the park is surrounded by our University of Louisiana campus while the other half is flanked by the historic oil center.

The park has played home to numerous events, both private and public, including Festivals Acadiens et Creoles. But did you know that it was also once home to a train? I'm not talking a train like Amtrak—but more like the type of train that you would see the kids getting super hyped over at Zoosiana.

A video posted to the Lafayette Memories Facebook page shows the Girard Park train in all its glory.

According to Facebook user Angie Young, this video was taken in the 60s. She described an annual tradition where here grandparents and their families would get together for a Family Reunion on July 4th.

Others chimed in, sharing their memories of the train, and popular Lafayette Memories page contributor Craig Zimmerman even provided a photo of the train before it left its station.

Facebook, Craig Zimmerman
Facebook, Craig Zimmerman

According to many of the commenters, the current walking track mirrors the path that the train would take through the park. There were also other rides and attractions for kids that undoubtedly provided great lifetime memories for some of our current citizens of Lafayette.

Big thanks to Angie for sharing this amazing video with everyone—and all of a sudden I want a train in Girard Park right now. Maybe we can sway the team at Moncus Park to build one since they're currently under development. (fingers crossed)

Even if we don't get a "park train" back in Lafayette, this video is still worth sharing with your friends and family.

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