This is getting good.

A recent promo pic for the Florida Gators football program has surfaced on social media and it shows a player sitting on a bench press, while in a "swamp".

Of course, the Gators Stadium in Gainesville is known as "The Swamp" so I get why they'd use a photo of a swamp in their promo pic, but where is this swamp located?

If you don't recall, Billy Napier recently left UL-Lafayette to become the head football coach in Florida and now UL fans are paying very close attention to the Gators program.

Thus, some UL fans are now suggesting that the swamp in the promo pic for The University of Florida is from the campus in LAFAYETTE!

Yes, the swamp on the campus at UL. So, did Coach Napier, who has been accused of taking players with him from UL, take the swamp with him too?

Here's the photo in question and please tell us what you think? Did the Gators resort back to Coach Napier's old stomping grounds for a photo, and if so, why would they do such?

I know it may be early, but I certainly sense a rivalry brewing between Cajun and Gators fans this upcoming football season and this is going to be good.


Since the photo has surfaced, check out what some UL fans are saying about the "Swamp" in the above photo.

Oh, one more thing, we also have a very good discussion between fan bases when it comes to which stadium is the "real swamp" of college football.


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