Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are the "A-Team" when it comes to Fox Sports NFL Broadcasts. Sunday the pair was in Tampa Florida to cover the NFL contest between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers. While that game did feature the superstar power of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers a lot of the talk about the game has to do with something that happened before the teams even took the field.

As you can see and hear from the video Tweeted out by @DefectorMedia neither Buck nor Aikman appear to be too enthralled with the military flyover that was part of the game's pregame ceremonies.

The video is being called a "hot mic" video. Basically, the two announcers were unaware that their comments were being broadcast at the time they were making them. In the broadcast industry, politics too, a microphone left turned on when it's supposed to be turned off has been the downfall of many.

You might remember President Ronald Regan's hot mic gaffe when he announced that he had "outlawed Russia and the bombing will begin in five minutes". OOOPS!!.

While Buck and Aikman's comments might seem offensive to some. Okay, a lot of folks were really turned off by the comments. There are quite a few that have expressed agreement with the pair over the whole need for a military flyover of a nearly empty stadium. Heck, they even do flyovers outside of domed stadiums if the event is big enough.

While it truly is a thrill to experience the might of America's military up close or in the context of a major sporting event, maybe the NFL should look into the idea of not spending the money on such pageantry until we get fans back in the stands. Or, maybe we should at least save the showbiz for events that warrant that kind of a pregame impact.

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