We are at that odd point in the NFL season where the conversation is less about the actual game on the field and more about the ancillary scuttlebutt that accompanies an entity as large as the National Football League. For the rest of this week, a lot of the discussion about the NFL will focus on coaching openings, discrimination lawsuits, and who might buy the Denver Broncos.

Next week, assuming we can all live through the excitement that is the NFL Pro Bowl, the focus of the media and sports fans will zero in on the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. Speaking of the Pro Bowl, it's gonna look odd this year without Drew Brees kids hamming it up on the sideline as they did in year's past.

But about the Super Bowl, or the Big Game or whatever the NFL's litigation hungry legal team says we can call it. The winning team of that game on February 13th will add one more name to a list that I would have sworn would be a lot longer.

The list? Quarterbacks who have been selected as the number one overall pick in the NFL draft and won a Super Bowl.

Vince Lombardi Trophy
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


It's actually a pretty exclusive club to be a member On February 13th when the clock shows 00:00 either Joe Burrow or Matthew Stafford will join the list of eight other NFL signal-callers who hold that distinction.

So, who are those eight "special players" that have been anointed as the NFL's number one overall draft pick and also hoisted the Lombardi Trophy?

Before you continue scrolling see how many you can guess off the top of your head. In my opinion, there are four that are obvious and you shouldn't miss them. There are two that real football fans will know and the final two, well you're going to whine about those.

NFL Quarterbacks Who Were Drafted #1 Overall and Won a Super Bowl



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