There is no doubt that Drew Brees was not quite right for much of the past NFL season for the New Orleans Saints. We know that he fractured 11 ribs and suffered a collapsed lung over a two-game span in mid-November.

However, he may have also had a couple of other significant injuries.

Last night, WWL reporter/anchor Andrew Doak tweeted about something that Brittany Brees posted on Instagram and it's quite startling. Brittany said that in addition to the aforementioned injuries, Drew played the 2020 season with a torn rotator cuff and a torn fascia in his foot.


Doak says in a later tweet that he noticed Drew wearing KT tape on his right shoulder during the Bears game on November 1. (KT tape is an elastic therapeutic tape that is used for treating pain from athletic injuries, among other things.) He speculates that if he indeed tore his rotator, that could've been the game.

While this news has not been confirmed by the team, fans surely had their hot take on the situation. Should Drew have played with all these serious ailments?

If this news is true, it would be the second day of Saints fans finding out one of the team's stars played through serious injuries.

Yesterday, it was announced that star wide receiver Michael Thomas was having multiple surgeries to repair a torn deltoid and other ligaments.

Instead of giving our "armchair quarterback" opinion on the whole situation, we'll simply say, "get well soon fellas and thanks for another great season." And enjoy retirement Drew!


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