Amy Schumer is not one to be quite about, well, anything. But especially politics.

The outspoken liberal's latest action was flying to Washington DC to protest Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, and yesterday (October 3) she encouraged others to do the same on Instagram.

"We need to stand up. I want to encourage anyone and everyone to get active if it’s with a post or a march or a donation," she wrote alongside a photo of a baby with its fist in the air. "This is not a drill. Show up in DC tomorrow and Friday. Show up for your sister and daughters and mothers. Show up! We will keep fighting. We see you Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and everyone else who told the truth no matter what happens we thank you we love you we are you."

On Thursday (October 4), the I Feel Pretty star joined a score of demonstrators at the #CancelKavanagh event at Capitol Hill to protest the Supreme Court nominee a day before the Senate begins its vote on whether or not to confirm the Judge after holding a hearing last week, in which Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in high school, and conducting a subsequent FBI investigation. As E! News reports, CNN aired footage from the protest that showed Schumer and several other women, including fellow actress Emily Ratajkowski, standing against an outdoor wall as police officers stand in front of them. MSNBC shared similar footage, and tweeted that the actress had been detained, along with a number of other protestors.

Earlier this year, Schumer opened up about her own experiences with sexual assault, explaining to Oprah that she lost her virginity through rape.

“I got hurt by accident a lot. He didn’t realize how hard he’d grabbed me or shook me or pushed me, and I would fall and hit something then I’d be hurt,” she said about her abusive ex. “I can picture being thrown on the hood of a car like it was an hour ago.”

“And running from him, carrying my shoes and running from him, running into backyards trying to get away from him because I was afraid for my life,” she added. “It’s so out of body. You think, ‘I’m not this woman, who is this woman? This can’t be me.’ I’m not that kind of woman, and then you realize there is no kind of woman. It happens to all women.”

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