More and more the coronavirus pandemic is beginning to feel like history. As more and more people actually return to in-person workplaces, stores open for regular hours, and customers are no longer wearing masks it does seem as if the nightmare that was the year 2020 is slowly starting to fade.

However, Louisiana State Health officials are urging you and me to rethink that 'we're done with this" mentality. Their reason for the overabundance of caution? The Delta variant of the disease.

State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter's office believes about one-quarter of all the active cases of coronavirus in the state can be traced back to the Delta variant. That variant of the coronavirus is reported to be more contagious and more deadly. It was first discovered in patients living in India. It has since migrated to most of the civilized world including the United States.

The fact that the Delta variant is more transmissible than other forms of the virus is one of the key factors in the heightened concern over its spread. As we mentioned it's estimated that about 25% of the coronavirus cases reported in Louisiana are the Delta variant. The national average is 20%. So, you can see Louisiana is ahead of the curve when comparing cases from around the country.

Those individuals who have been vaccinated for coronavirus should not have too much to be concerned about, even with the Delta variant. It's believed that vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna, those were the two-dose protocols, are ninety percent effective in protecting against the Delta variant.

Despite that high percentage it still means that one in ten could still get sick even though they have been vaccinated. For those who have only received one jab of the Moderna or Pfizer medicine, your protection factor is listed at about 33%. So, a word to the wise would suggest that you get that second shot as soon as you're able to do so.

If you're not sure where you can get a free coronavirus vaccine, there is a complete listing on the Louisiana Department of Health website. Besides being protected from the coronavirus there is another benefit to getting your vaccine. You could win a million dollars too.

Louisiana is currently offering those who have been fully vaccinated or who have received at least one dose of the vaccine a Shot at a Million. You can follow that link to the official sign-up page which also includes a chance for students to win free money for college too.

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