Just because it is raining outside doesn't mean that delivery drivers get to take the day off of work. One delivery driver proved he was going to complete his job no matter the conditions when he waded through waters to deliver a package at a New Iberia home.

According to the report from KLFY, Edward Brown is a UPS driver who was recently making his rounds in New Iberia when he happened upon a particularly treacherous delivery.

After days of torrential downpour happening across the Acadiana area, Brown found himself in near knee-high waters as he dropped off a package in New Iberia. You can even see his vehicle almost had water getting inside of it because of how much water had accumulated outside of the residence.

If this past year has proved anything, it is that we could not survive without our delivery people. Through a pandemic or terrible weather, these delivery heroes continue to drop off whatever we decided to order on Amazon at 3 a.m. a couple of days prior.

To end this story, all I can say is THANK YOU to any delivery person that has safely delivered goods to my doorstep. You are truly doing the most!

Check out the footage of the delivery caught by a doorbell camera in New Iberia below.

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