Credit Card "Skimming" is the process of intercepting your credit card information at the point of sale, whether it be a gas pump or ATM, and it's happening in Lafayette...

According to a friend's post on Facebook, she was recently at a gas station at the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Verot School Road to purchase gas, paying at the pump.  Her Facebook post goes on to say that, not more than 30 minutes after filling her tank,

I had two charges on my account totaling almost $400. Thank god I caught it because later on they tried for another $200, but I had already notified my bank.


Luckily, she happened to check her bank balance, and noticed the additional charges.  Knowing that the fuel was her only purchase that morning, she called her bank immediately, and they were able to cancel the card before any more charges were made.

According to Krebs, "Skimming" can be done in a few different ways: with an additional card "reader" installed over the original card "reader" on an ATM or gas pump; with a PIN "capture" device installed over the real PIN keypad; even by Bluetooth technology.  Credit Card thieves are getting much more sophisticated with the methods and equipment used to steal your information and, ultimately, your money.

Read up on the different ways you can be scammed, and be mindful of your balance!!


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