There were several reports of hail. There were, even more, reports of heavy rainfall and flooding. There were reports of strong gusty winds. Sadly, there were reports of fatalities.

This is all in conjunction with a well-anticipated storm system that is currently moving out of Acadiana and into Southeastern Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi.

Early Sunday morning many residents along the I-10 corridor were awakened to the sound of thunder. Then came the tell-tale ping ping ping of hailstones falling. There were some reports of hail as big as quarters around the area.

Sadly, during this Sunday morning round of thunderstorms, an apparent tornado overturned a mobile home near Breaux Bridge. This took the life of a Francine Gotch, 38, and Nevaeh Alexander, 3. The two are believed to have sustained fatal injuries when their residence was lifted off of its blocks and rolled onto its side.

For much of the rest of the day, Sunday emergency alerts were common on the radio as wave after wave of strong storms with heavy rain, gusty winds, and frequent lightning moved through. The last round of the heavy weather passed through the heart of Acadiana this morning shortly after midnight.

Because of the torrential rainfall experienced over the area there are many locales that are still under Flash Flood Warnings and Flash Flood Watches until later today.

The outlook for the work week is certainly more calm than what we've experienced over the weekend. For the most part, skies will be sunny to partly sunny all the way through Saturday.

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