Unless you have been fortunate enough to be living under a rock you've probably already figured out that this year's Presidential Election season is going to be muddy. The two major parties are still deciding on who they would like to present to you as official candidates. That's where you can step in and have your say. That is, if you've registered you can have your say.

The deadline for voters to register to take part in Louisiana's presidential preference primary is looming. In fact, the deadline to submit your registration in person or via regular mail is March 4th. That's one full month ahead of Louisiana's primary which is scheduled for April 4th.

Those who choose to register to vote in the presidential preference primary via the Internet may still do so until March 14th. Registration online at the Geaux Vote portal through the Secretary of State's website will remain active until that time.

Other than candidates for President, there will be no other candidates on the ballot for the April 4th primary. The actual election day for President will take place on November 3rd, 2020.

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