A day after U.S. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri announced that he will object to the certification of Electoral College votes when Congress meets next week to certify President-elect Joe Biden as the next President of the United States, U.S. Representative Clay Higgins in the House has announced he will do the same on January 6th.

Higgins released this statement via press release:

I will object to the certification of electoral votes on January 6th. Reports of voter fraud and actions by some states to alter election processes in an unlawful manner have not been properly reviewed. Evidence that a crime has been committed leads to an investigation. That standard is reasonable suspicion. Investigation into an alleged crime produces evidence either exculpatory or condemning. Investigations crossing multiple jurisdictional authorities are particularly complex and require time. Our Constitutional requirement to inaugurate a President on January 20th does not abrogate our Constitutional requirement to investigate reasonable suspicion of election fraud and violation of election laws within several of the sovereign states. I believe those actions of fraud and illegal election processes thwarted the true will of We, the People, and flipped the Presidential election to career politician Joe Biden. America is not a confederacy of states. We are a Union of States. We are a Representative Republic. Therefore, each sovereign state has a deep obligation to follow its own written election laws when that state participates in a federal election. Otherwise, the Union itself is violated, and the federal election is compromised. I warned of this prior to November 3rd, 2020. Six weeks ago, I instructed my Congressional staff to begin preparing for my formal objection to Electoral slates of several sovereign states. While the mainstream media and establishment forces want to ignore election irregularities that began coming to light in the days following the election, We, the People, will not stand idly by. For over a month now, I have been examining and researching the various allegations that have come forth, and I will take every legal and Constitutionally-available action to ensure a righteous outcome. That includes objecting to the electoral slates from disputed states. There is sufficient evidence, at a minimum, to investigate criminal acts, which may have compromised the integrity of our election. This effort and action to safeguard our election systems must continue, even beyond January 20th, 2021.

Will these two moves force votes in the House and Senate that would delay Biden's certification? And will this change the outcome of the election? Things will become more clear as we head into the new year.


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