Ross may have loved his pet monkey Marcel on Friends, but turns out it was all for the cameras. During a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! Matt LeBlanc revealed that David Schwimmer was not a fan of the primate IRL.

When asked if he keeps in touch with the monkey, LeBlanc chuckled. “I liked the monkey!” he exclaimed. “I like animals, and the monkey was really cool. Schwimmer… Not so much. He’s the one that had to work with it the most, so he was like, ‘Again with the monkey?’ But I got along great with it.”

He then blew Kimmel's mind by divulging that the monkey was a girl named Katie despite playing a boy on the show before telling an anecdote about filming with it. “One day we’re shooting a scene with the monkey," he said. "You know, sound stages are huge. The lights are hanging from the grid, and they go way up on these chains and the ceiling’s like, 60 feet or whatever it is."

Apparently Katie aka Marcel darted up the lights, out of reach. "It just disappears into the blackness of the stage," LeBlanc said. "So all the actors were like, ‘OK, I guess we’re on a five. I’ll see you later, I’ll be in my room.'”

The crew eventually coaxed Katie from the rafters with mealworms, but the ordeal put a 30-minute hold on filming. No wonder Schwimmer wasn't a fan.

Watch LeBlanc's full interview below.

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