These dads have seen enough.

After a number of incidents at a Louisiana high school, these dads knew that they had to do something to protect their kids, and others, at the school.

So, a group of dads came together and created this crisis intervention team. They take shifts walking through the campus to make sure kids are acting in a proper manner.

Twitter via CBS
Twitter via CBS

Students at Southwood High say that since these dads have shown up in the hallways, students are now going to class and the energy in the hallways has shifted.

All that these dads want is for their kids and their classmates to succeed and as one dad says in the interview below, they are now the father figure for those who are lacking one at home.

Now, their mission exceeds the hallways from Southwood, These dads hope to inspire other parents to get involved in schools throughout Louisiana and they are encouraging parents to stand up to the violence we have seen far too often in schools.

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Job well done, dads!

KEEP READING: This story out of the Louisiana school has caught several people's attention and so many are now applauding these dads for standing up for the kids at Southwood High.


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