When it comes to Halloween you can't just be a mask and a hat, you need the entire costume ensemble from head to toe and usually, the toe part is the toughest part of any costume design. Parents will tell you there is a fine balance between the delightful slippers that came with the costume and the fact that their child has to actually walk in those shoes.

Bruno Guerro via Unsplash.com
Bruno Guerro via Unsplash.com

More often than not costume shoes get set aside for more comfortable shoes, especially after the first couple of houses. But one father has created a unique hack for creating comfortable footwear that goes anywhere with almost any costume.

Okay, any costume that can get away with monster feet or hobbit feet or basically any footwear that wouldn't be considered dainty. This is where Tom Fowler comes in. According to his Twitter page, Tom is a cartoonist/genius/monster. He's a very creative fellow and once you see his hack for making these monster feet, you'll agree on the genius part too.

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In this particular case, Tom is creating a pair of Hobbit feet. 

The hack takes a pair of Crocs shoes, hopefully, your kid has some that still fit. You then take a man's sock and attempt to match its tone with the skin tone of your child. Put the sock on over the crock and then paint. You can paint on toes, toenails, scars, hair, blisters, and anything else you'd like.

Crocs Funway Event
Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Crocs

As you can see from the pictures the hack makes a darn fine Hobbit foot and I would imagine a foot for a hillbilly, a troll, a politician, no wait that might have to go in someone's mouth so don't do that.

But you get the idea. Necessity she was quite a mother for Tom Fowler, thanks Tom, love the artwork, love the hack. We appreciate you sharing that with us.

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