With the shortage of face masks due to Covid-19, our healthcare workers and families with those at high-risk are desperate for help while more masks are being produced.  In Crowley, Angela Landry and her daughter Elise, are trying to help as much as they can by making homemade masks. Since Angela’s gift shop, Adam’s Apple, is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus she has been trying to find ways to keep herself busy and keep her mind off of what is going on out there. Angela said when it came to her attention that healthcare providers desperately needed washable fabric face masks, she knew she could help.

In a day and a half, she and her daughter made 62 masks, which was about 12 hours of sewing. They have an assembly line set up where they take turns cutting the fabric and sewing them.  Those masks have given to healthcare workers and families with someone considered high risk. Most were for local medical offices, local nursing home staff, and home-health nurses. Angela said she has a large amount of fabric stocked at her house and they have also had people offer to donate fabric and elastic. She said they are giving them away to those in need, although people are desperate and willing to buy them.

Angela said her daughter, Elise, is a kinesiology/pre-med student at LSU and she told her that one day she will have a great community service story to share on her medical school applications. Indeed she will.

Facebook, Adams Apple
Facebook, Adams Apple

What a kind gesture, Angela and Elise. Thank you for all you are doing.

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