You probably remember the wedding dance trend where brides and grooms, the bride and her Dad, or the entire wedding party surprise guests with a fun dance routine. Well, a beautiful couple in Minneola, NY provided their wedding guests with one of those special surprises at their reception. But not before many failed attempts at practice! The bride put together the rehearsal clips below for their friends.

They got it right when it counted, though. As a matter of fact, they did it twice!

The groom, Eddie, explained how it all came about, "I had a vision of having a dance element incorporated in my wedding long before the proposal, even. Never had anything in particular in mind but knew that we would do something."

How did they decide on the difficult (I've Had) The Time of My Life dance from the movie Dirty Dancing? About 4 months before the wedding Eddie (an AV guy, NOT a dancer) learned that then-fiancee Isabel (also NOT a dancer) had never seen the iconic movie! So the couple watched it together, and like millions of people before her, Isabel fell in love with the storybook ending AND the beautiful final dance with Johnny and Baby. So, naturally, Eddie suggested that they incorporate it into the wedding. Isabel was super excited at the idea, and they enlisted a few friends to help them learn the choreography.

The couple said some members of the bridal party were hesitant at first, but they all had such a blast in the one practice they had as a team (before the rehearsal dinner) they were in!

My niece is a friend of the couple and she captured the reception video above. She said the guests didn't know it was going to happen, that everyone kept talking about how awesome it was! To quote some of the guests, “You guys killed it,” “It was spectacular,” and “brought the wedding to another level!"

Here's wishing that these two continue their journey as partners in a long and happy life together!

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