Bill Cosby giving Theo (his son on The Cosby Show), advice.  Isn't that kinda like having a Yankee teach classes on how to make boudin?

Mr. Cosby may not be found of any wrongdoing because the claims are from a long time ago, right?  Not so fast.  He may have to undergo a new deposition.

There is a woman who claims when she was a teenager at the Playboy Mansion when Cosby molested her in 1974.  She is now suing him.  Mr. Cosby and his team tried to get the petition thrown out but the California Supreme Court rejected his plea.  He might be questioned within the next 30 days.

There may be a catch though.  The woman lied about her age to get into the Playboy Mansion.  He may be off the hook...AGAIN!

[Via:  NBC News]


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