Influenza (common flu) has killed thousands of more people in the past six months than the Coronavirus, so why doesn't the flu cause the level of panic as has been created by the Coronavirus?

If one spends half a minute on social media, you'll find hundreds of theories related to the Coronavirus outbreak. Everything from the government trying to control overpopulation to aliens sending it from space. Let's all take a deep breath and compare the two.

Flu and Coronavirus symptoms are very similar. Both affect humans in almost the same fashion. Those with compromised immune systems and the elderly are hit hardest by both.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)                                   Influenza (Common Flu)

Dry cough                                                           Dry Cough

Fever                                                                   Sudden Fever

Tiredness                                                            Feeling tired or exhausted

Shortness of breath                                           Loss of appetite

Aches and pains                                                 Aching body

Nasal congestion                                               Difficulty sleeping

Sore throat                                                          Sore throat

Diarrhea                                                               Diarrhea


Both coronavirus and influenza are very serious. Be vigilant, stay away from people who are infected. When in public, try not to get close to others. Wash your hands and try not to touch your face.



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