Things escalated on Twitter today when the Lafayette Legend, Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier had his upcoming trilogy fight with Conor McGregor called off after McGregor responded to claims that he was not following through on a donation promise.

Earlier on, Poirier addressed McGregor on social media about never making the $500k donation that was promised for the "Good Fight Foundation".

McGregor must have taken these online accusations very personally, as he sent out the below Twitter posts.

McGregor called Poirier a "f**cking brain dead hillbilly" and then seemingly called off the July 10th trilogy fight.

The ramifications of this in the UFC are hard to know, as if this fight really is off it will be a major issue for Poirier. But, it seems as though Conor McGregor is getting back to his showmanship in being the face of the UFC.

I don't believe McGregor has the power to get Poirier off of the July 10th fight card, but he definitely does not have to fight Poirier. If McGregor is a man of his word, which he has already proven that he is not, Poirier may end up facing another opponent come July 10th.

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