Let's face it, slang words are a pretty generational thing. Yesterday's girlfriend is today's bae. And even though you might think you are pretty up to date on slang words in 2019, some of us still need help decoding what they really mean. (Raising my hand on this one!)

Stacker has some common slang terms and their meanings below. And just remember that some words will always have different meanings to different people. Be sure to check out the whole list, and carry on, y'all.

  • Trill - True + Real, commonly used in the hip hop community
  • Totes - short for Totally
  • Clap Back -  when celebrities respond to something negative said about them
  • TFW - That Face When
  • Fleek - awesome or perfect. Back in the day the same was said about being 'fly'
  • Spilling / Sipping Tea - gossip
  • Throwing Shade - insulting someone
  • Turn Up / Turnt - ramping the excitement up
  • Woke - being culturally or politically aware
  • Fire - cool, trendy, awesome
  • Gucci - cool, fresh, exciting




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