Last night at Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel, The Commodores laid out hit after hit, and had the crowd on their feet!

I will have to admit that I wasn't expecting much last night: so many people had said "they just aren't the same without Lionel".  I was mistaken to have listened to the nay-sayers; The Commodores brought the house down!

Commodores (Photo by ShootThePig)

They started with their "intro", which then charged right into "Too Hot ta Trot", which got the crowd moving.  After that, the hits just kept on coming:  "Easy", "Sweet Love", "Sail On", "Oh No", "Lady (You Bring Me Up)", "Machine Gun", "Still".....  when each song was ending, I would think to myself "well, here comes one I don't know", but I was wrong each time!  NOTHING BUT HITS!!  (Can you tell that I thoroughly enjoyed this show??!).

Commodores (Photo by ShootThePig)

They kept on coming:  "3 Times A Lady", "Night Shift", "Come Dance", and of course, the finale:  "Brick House"....  there wasn't a person in that room who wasn't moving (and groovin!)

Commodores doing "Brick House"... (Photo by ShootThePig)

What a great concert!  After the show, it was time for some wonderfully-crafted Sushi in RikRak with Chef Hung, who created this delicious salad:

Sashimi Salad at RikRak (Photo by ShootThePig)

Another great event, another great night....