Finally, someone on national TV who accurately explained the subtle differences between Lafayette and New Orleans accents.

Comedian Sean Patton appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new special, Number One which is currently streaming on Peacock. According to his bio, Patton is based in New York, by way of New Orleans and his latest special gives a nod to Crescent City as the place where he got his start in stand-up comedy.

Fallon asked Patton about filming the Number One special at Tipitina's—an iconic music venue in New Orleans when the comedian shared his vision of wanting to capture the authentic essence of the city as opposed to the surface-level imagery that is often presented in the mainstream (think Mardi Gras floats, poboys, people riding alligators, etc.).

Speaking of distinct NOLA attributes, right around the 6-minute mark, the Tonight Show host asked Patton if living in New York has affected his New Orleans accent; which led to what may be the greatest explanation of all time when it comes to the difference between a Lafayette and a New Orleans accent.

The fact that Patton described the New Orleans accent as a "sedated fireman from Brooklyn" had me in literal tears because that's absolutely the accent that I've heard all of my life, but could never put it so eloquently as he did.

I spoke with comedian and Lafayette Comedy founder Jason Leonard who is very familiar with Patton as a friend and colleague. Leonard has been on the road with Patton, doing shows in and out of state, and has also put him on stage in over a half dozen Lafayette Comedy shows here in town.

Not only is Patton a friend of Leonard, but he described him as one of his favorite comics. When I asked Leonard if Patton's time in the Acadiana area is what led to the video explanation that is currently making its rounds on social media, he told me that his family is deeply rooted in the New Orleans area and that despite his official New York residence, Patton still "drifts down here" as often as he can.

He is always here, not just for holidays, but just to hang out. He's lived in Baton Rouge, Slidell, and New Orleans and still spends enough time down here to keep him connected for sure. NY is home but when not on road he drifts down here.

Best of luck to Patton, and you never know when you may have a chance to see him in the area again (after all, he's always around) so keep up with Lafayette Comedy, which keeps an impressive roster of great comedians rolling through our area.

Leonard says that 2023 is already shaping up to be a big year for Lafayette Comedy with some big touring acts and a new comedy club series that will definitely feature some notable names in comedy.

In 2023 we are bringing in some big national touring acts including Dusty Slay, Joe List, Robert Kelly, and Joe DeRosa. We also teamed up with the AcA to bring the Comedy Club series which kicks off with Shane Torres, Jimmie Walker from Good Times, Kevin Farley (Chris Farley's brother), Michael Winslow from Police Academy, and more.

Check out the full lineup and keep up with Lafayette Comedy here on their official website.

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