Two college students in their early 20s, using a boat made up of Home Depot buckets and two kiddie pools, had to be rescued from the Pacific Ocean over the weekend when their homemade boat drifted too far from shore.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department had to rescue the two men near Isla Vista in the early morning. The makeshift boat they were floating on consisted of 20 five-gallon plastic Home Depot buckets, wood and two kiddie pools.

According to, Fire Department spokesman Mike Eliason explained alcohol was not a factor.

The two mariners who fashioned their own watercraft were very fortunate that someone saw them, that they were out at sea and notified authorities as they were unable to make their way back to shore in their boat made of plastic buckets and kiddie pools.-Santa Barbara County Fire Department Spokesperson Mike Eliason


The two college students were approximately 300 yards from shore when they were rescued by a water rescue team in the 55-degree water. Two personal watercraft were also launched.

No one was injured. Officials are asking that no one use a homemade watercraft to go into open waters.

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