Chris Martin of Coldplay and his wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, are a celeb couple rarely photographed in public together, intentionally trying to sweep the spotlight away from their status, as well, a celeb couple. Photos of the duo are so rare that we couldn’t find a decent one for this post! However, during last Friday’s (June 30) Coldplay gig in Miami, the singer threw caution to the wind. He did a complete about face, running up the venue steps and into the crowd seats to plant a big ol’ smooch on his wife and baby mama Gwynnie’s lips … in front of several tens of thousands of their closest fans.

Martin, sweaty from rocking out, bolted up the steps, made his way through the crowd, placed his hand on his wife’s cheek and planted one on her. It was refreshing to see Gwynnie, who is normally so aristocratic and, well, so seemingly high brow, hob knobbing with the civilians and fans instead of sequestered in a VIP box way out of sight. If this was pro, as opposed to fan-filmed, footage, we would probably be able to see the actress’ red cheeks!

Paltrow was clearly grinning after the smooch, and perhaps a little sheepish, as she covered her face. This was easily one of their most public displays of affection, as they are such a private pair. It was a sweet gesture.

According to E!, Martin returned to the stage and performed ‘Clocks.’ He also dedicated ‘Yellow’ to Paltrow, calling her his “incredible wife Gwyneth.”

Swoon. Not gonna lie. All of Martin’s gestures was uber romantic and knee-weakening. He knows how to keep the spark alive.

Watch Chris Martin Lay on One Gwyneth Paltrow

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