Every year as the big game approaches, questions abound from the network to the singing to the halftime show and more.

First, the Super Bowl will air on CBS.  Kickoff is at 5:30pm CST, but CBS has a full day of programming...seven hours of it, in fact.

Traditionally, the "new" ads don't start running until about 30 minutes before kickoff.

While the NFL has used roman numerals in the past, the correct way to refer to this game is Super Bowl 50.  Not Super Bowl L.

Since it's an even numbered Super Bowl, the AFC representative is the designated home team.  Denver has chosen to wear white.  Carolina will wear black.

If you want to watch the game on your mobile device, you have to be a Verizon subscriber, according to CBS.

Coldplay will provide the entertainment for the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show.  Beyonce is the special guest.  There are rumors of other possible guests as well, but nothing is confirmed as of Wednesday.  And, for one of the few times, the show will be during daylight hours, as the game is being played in the Pacific Time Zone.

Actual halftime will be about 30 minutes, but the music performance will be about half that.

For those who would rather watch the animals than the extended pre game, the third Kitten Bowl will be on the Hallmark Channel at 11am, while the 12th Puppy Bowl will air on Animal Planet beginning at 2pm.

And, Lady Gaga will perform the National Anthem.


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