Cocodrie, La. (KLFY) The U.S. Coast Guard tried to confiscate life jackets and hard hats from the capsize Seacor vessel yesterday. According to KLFY News 10 in Lafayette, La., the family of missing crew member Dylan Daspit refused to let the U.S. Coast Guard have the items.

In a statement to KLFY, Cindy Reily, the girlfriend of Scott Daspit (Dylan Daspit's father) said the coast arrived at the Harbor Lights Marina in Cocodrie, La. on Tuesday and wanted to take three hard hats and eight life jackets found in the aftermath of the Seacore disaster. These items are in the possession of the Daspit family. The Daspit family refused to turn the items over to the coast guard.

Dylan Daspit's family is upset that the U.S. Coast Guard called off the search for any remaining survivors of the Seacore catastrophe. So, when the coast guard arrived at the command center in Cocodrie Tuesday wanting the life jackets and hard hats, the family refused to turn them over.

On Tuesday, April 12, the Seacor Power lift boat left Port Fourchon with 19 crew members on board. There are still seven missing crew members.

The Cajun Navy and many other volunteers are still searching the waters off the Louisiana coast for any sign of survivors. The grassroots effort is what led to the discovery of life jackets and hard hats on April 25th.

Volunteers searched by plane and by boat today, Wednesday, but due to the rough waters only larger boats could go out. Volunteers with smaller boats had to stay onshore.

Lynn Bayard, of New Iberia, told KLFY that the families need closure.

They (families) need closure. Until they can physically touch something, they won't have closure.-Lynn Bayard to KLFY

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