Head coach of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton, got to play in the Pro-Am at the Zurich Classic this week, but an errant golf shot had him yelling, "FORE" as his ball flew into the fan area. But Payton didn't give up and showed that he really has game.

Check out the video from @sayneykid on Twitter below.

You can see the clip start off with Drew Brees in attendance and then bounces to Coach Sean Payton hitting a golf shot. This is when Payton realizes every golfers worst dream and hits his ball straight into a crowd of people. "FORE!", the Saints coach screams.

Coach Payton finds his ball sitting up nicely in a grandstand where he would be closely watched by fans in attendance at the Zurich Classic that day. While the green was wide open right in front of coach, he did have to get the ball up and over the railing which would be no easy task.

But Coach Payton did exactly what he needed to do by getting his ball up and off of the grandstand, onto the green. He followed up the impressive chip shot with a nice putt to get up-and-down, saving par on the hole.

If some of that golf-lingo went over your head, just know that Sean Payton was able to keep his cool after hitting a really bad shot by following it up with two really good shots.

Football is kind of like golf in the sense of having a "next-play mentality" as I like to call it. If something bad happens in football or golf, you have to move on from it quickly or else it can seriously affect future outcomes. By the way, it goes the same way when good things happen. It is clear that Sean Payton has a focus that isn't easy to attain, which he puts on display every Sunday during the NFL season.

Good work, Coach Payton, and I hope you enjoy these last few weeks before the New Orleans Saints season really kicks into gear. The #WhoDatNation looks forward to a deeper playoff run this year...

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