How can you not cheer for this guy?

Coach Billy Napier is now the head coach of the Florida Gators, but a large part of his heart remains in Lafayette, Louisiana.

We all witnessed a magical season at UL and we saw what one man can do when you rally a team behind one mission.

I don't know if we'll ever see another Billy Napier at UL, but one thing that I am certain of is that his legacy will live on for a very long time here.

Sure, Coach Napier was successful on the field, but I don't know if he wasn't more successful off the field.

UL Football
UL Football

And if you're doubting that, just watch the video below. In it, on his final day at UL, Coach Napier reminded a room of young men and women that it takes a team to be successful.

He also reminded everyone in the room that when you put egos aside, good things happen and it often happens with good people around you.

Coach Napier gets a little emotional at the end, but who wouldn't?

UL Football
UL Football

You don't have to be a fan of sports to enjoy this because this isn't about football, his message is about life.

I hope you share this with others because I think we can all learn something from someone who is not only a great coach but a great man.

Well-said Coach!!

Check out what some fans are saying about this very powerful video to wrap up UL's regular-season play.

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