Finding a good job is usually a tough task for most, but one man on Twitter was able to land a gig thanks to a job-finding website. While the opportunity said that no experience was required, the viral video shows the moment this guy found out he was in way over his head.

Twitter via @1001YA_
Twitter via @1001YA_

Throughout the pandemic, many people have unfortunately lost their jobs. But over recent months, I have seen more places hiring than ever before. One man on Twitter found a job opportunity on the website 'Indeed' that said no experience was required.

So what did he do? He applied, interviewed, and landed the job!

According to a later Twitter post, the job said that they would train the man. So he showed up ready to work, but quickly found out that there was little to no training that was goin to happen.

See video of the man's job experience via @1001YA_ on Twitter below.

***Warning - Language in this video is NSFW**

He found himself, first day on the job, in a hardhat with protective glasses on a roof. He apparently was doing chimney work, but had no clue what exactly he was supposed to be doing. The pure cluelessness this guy is facing at this point is hilarious.

Clearly, the guy is a good worker who was ready to do whatever job he was asked to do. But when no one was around to show him exactly how to complete the tasks, he was left wondering how on earth he was supposed to get the job done with no instruction.

I hope someone eventually shows this man how to accomplish the mission, because he seems like the kind of dude that is going to give it his best shot either way. We will have to keep following the story to see if he sticks out the new gig and learns his way around a chimney!

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