I was searching for a video about Louisiana on Youtube, and I came across this clip from 'Louisiana Story', a movie from 1948 about a Cajun boy (and his pet raccoon) who's life in the bayou was disrupted by an oil company drilling near his home.

The film, nominated for an Oscar and winning several other awards, earned a whopping $258,000 at the box office.

As soon as the clip started, it reminded me of listening to my parents and grandparents speaking to each other when I was younger.

How important do you think it is to the culture of Acadiana to continue to teach/use Cajun French?  Do you think that this area would be worse off if the language were lost for good?

Sam Stokes, a few months ago, reminded us about 5 coolest things about speaking Cajun; and did you know that there was a group that meets at Dwyer's in Downtown Lafayette weekly to speak Cajun French?


(Via Youtube)