Walking into your home only to realize that someone had broken in is absolutely terrifying. Unless, of course, the person who broke into your house cleaned everything and took care of your pets, like this New Jersey man whose viral Tik-Tok tells the whole story.

TikTok via @stayscrewy

The story comes from KALB News Channel 5 and you can check out their Facebook post with the report below.

According to the report, Louis Angelino has a side-hustle cleaning friends apartments in his free-time. A friend reached out to get a condo cleaned and Angelino showed up ready to work. After grabbing the key from under the mat, he went into the home and got to work.

With music cranked up, Angelino cleaned the apartment for two hours and also fed and played with the two cats. It wasn't until he got a call from the friend asking where he was that Angelino realized he had made quite the unusual mistake.


TikTok via @stayscrewy
TikTok via @stayscrewy

According to the report, the actual owner of the home, Tom, got home and realized that someone had gotten inside and cleaned the entire thing top to bottom. He called his wife, Beth, and told her the good but shocking news. They both laughed about the entire incident.

Check out the full video from @staysrewy on Tik-Tok below.

While most people would not be comfortable with a stranger being inside of their homes, I don't think anyone would complain if they got home to a perfectly tidy place thanks to the simple mistake of a stranger.

Now, Angelino believes this mishap may be the jump start to his cleaning service business.  Life really does bring all sorts of surprises!

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