A city worker removing campaign signs placed too close to the roadway was cut by one of the signs that had been booby-trapped with razor blades.

Commerce Township, in Oakland County, Michigan, has an ordinance that requires all campaign signage be at least 33 feet from the center of the roadway. Any signs that do not meet these criteria are subject to removal by city officials.

The employee sent to remove the illegally-placed signs thought, at first, that he had been shocked when he tried to lift the sign. That is when, according to NBC News, he noticed the blood.

The employee needed 13 stitches to sew up the cuts to 3 of his fingers. Investigators spoke with the homeowner who claims that some signs had been stolen from the yard, and that later some had "reappeared", and that she had no information or knowledge about the presence of razor blades.

I understand that vigilante justice is appealing to some and, if the criminal is the one who receives the butt of the trap, they get a warm and fuzzy feeling. But the homeowner (or whoever placed the razor blades on the sign) should be held accountable for any damages caused to innocent victims.


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