Playing paintball with your friends is legal, but Church Point Police say some arrests were made after some incidents happened.

Things got out of hand according to our news partners at KATC, when someone got shot in the face with a paintball shot.

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Officials with Church Point Police say that there was property damage in several incidents, and then arrests were made after paintball guns were allegedly used in several incidents.

Both adults and some people under 18 were arrested in connection with the incidents.

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Church Point Police released the following statement to KATC,

We are not here to prevent young adults from having fun if they want to get together and have paintball wars, please do, but go out in a field or somewhere that property can not be damaged and shoot paintballs at each other who are willing participants, not just innocent people walking or driving. Remember when fun turns into criminal activity then it's no longer just innocent fun. Aggressive enforcement of these incidents will continue.

Church Point officers that are part of the patrol division along with reserve and part-time officers made multiple arrests.

They say childish incidents that harm people will continue to be investigated.

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