The Chief of Police for the City of Church Point has asked the town's council to suspend him. Chief Dale Thibodeaux's request was denied but he was allowed to write himself up for an infraction in police policy that could have had deadly consequences.

According to a story by reporter Katie Easter of KATC TV, Thibodeaux's infraction occurred during a recent traffic stop. In that stop, the Chief made three arrests. The suspects were two men and a woman. The Chief made the decision not to search the woman and instead had her placed in the back of another patrol unit while he continued with the arrest of the two men.

It was later discovered that the female that was not searched did have a loaded weapon in the waistband of her pants. The Chief stated that suspect could have turned that weapon on him or any of his other officers at the scene. It was in the Chief's words,

I turned my back 4 or 5 times. She could have shot me, shot one of my officers

In response to his request to be suspended for his lapse of judgment in the issue Church Point town attorney noted that the council, the mayor, not anyone has the authority to suspend the chief of police. The City Council recommended that Chief Thibodeaux "write himself up".  Which he did.

When asked by Easter of KATC why he felt the need to subject himself to public reprimand in this incident Thibodeaux responded this way.

I’m not above that. If I reprimand myself for violating these policies. To me, in their eyes, it shows me as a better human.

You can read and see Katie Easter's full report from KATC right here.

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