Every holiday season the same scenario is played out in homes and businesses and communities across the nation. It's that "hold your breath" moment when you first plugin or turn on your Christmas lights after they have been dormant for most of the year.

In the case of a home lighting display, if the lights don't work, it's not a big deal. You just find the offending bulb or strand of lights and replace the bulb or strand with a working unit. However, in the case of community lighting events not only does the technical side of things have to operate flawlessly, sometimes there is a human element involved too.

Such was the case in the Town of Bridgewater in the United Kingdom. The Mayor of that fair city and one other dignitary are pictured standing next to a giant plunger. No, not a toile plunger but the kind of plunger Wiley Coyote would use to explode TNT against the Roadrunner. That kind of plunger.

The idea is that as the two men push the plunger down, the town's lighting display will come on. That's not exactly what happened.

I mean in this case, the lights did come on. But, they turned on a second or two before the dignitaries actually threw the switch. So, it turns out those darn giant buttons and knobs that are often used in events like this are not connected at all. I am pretty sure the Mayor and other city officials have heard more than enough about this particular faux pas.

At least the town is getting some good publicity and the city leaders appear to be taking the gaffe with a grain of salt. After all, the lights are pretty even if that giant switch that was supposed to turn them on didn't.

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