If you are looking for a family-friendly event that will put you into a great Cajun Christmas mood, St. Martinville has the festival for you!

The St. Lucy Festival of Lights is back after a coronavirus hiatus, promising a full evening of incredible Christmas events for you to enjoy, complete with food, beverages, music, Christmas Caroling, and a live Nativity.

The evening starts in the afternoon at 4pm at the St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church with a celebration of the Mass and the Chariot Parade Registration.

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At 5:15pm, Father Vidrine will provide the blessing to start the festivities including the Chariot Parade. The Christmas music will be playing, there will also be an Open House for the St. Martin de Tours Rectory.

Shortly after, families will be able to pose for photos with the big guy himself: Santa Claus! He will be accompanied by his bride of many, many years, Mrs. Claus.

Then comes the big event: the lighting of the square (in dramatic fashion)! At 6pm, officials will be flipping the switch to light up the square.

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

At 6:30, a live Nativity will take place, followed by a memorial candle lighting to honor our lost loved ones.

All the while, a Christmas movie will be playing for people to enjoy and the Jesus Crucified Spiritual Care Unit will be caroling.

Refreshments will include hot chocolate, sweets, and jambalaya.

Photo by carolyn christine on Unsplash
Photo by carolyn christine on Unsplash

It's great to see events like these returning now that the pandemic restrictions have been relaxed. The St. Lucy Festival of Lights in St. Martinville began over 30 years ago and event organizers couldn't be happier about its return. All they need now is you and your family; if you'd like to spend a spirit-filled evening with other families, enjoying Christmas-themed events, get yourself to St. Martinville.

From Lafayette, take Highway 90 to Broussard and follow the signs to St. Martinville (via Highway 96). From New Iberia, take Highway 90 to Broussard or take Highway 31 to St. Martinville.

If you will be looking for dinner in St. Martinville, may I recommend St. John Restaurant, located on the Bayou Teche, one block north of the bridge.

For more information, contact the Chairman of the St. Lucy Festival of Lights Tilly Duplechein at 337-303-4097.

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