The diss heard 'round NOLA may end up being a solid opportunity for a group of local musicians.

Do you remember when Christina Aguilera got dissed in New Orleans late last year when she hopped on stage in hopes of singing a song? According to sources, the band didn't recognize Xtina (maybe because she was wearing a hat?). The pop star told the story at her concert later that week and the story quickly went viral.

Fast forward to Christina's upcoming Vegas residency and now Aguilera is reaching out to the New Orleans band to come jam and sing with her.

It was a funny moment. I was not getting a microphone. It was an odd thing, but yeah he can come to my stage and sing with me anytime. Come to Vegas. Let’s do it!

The band goes by the name of Claude Bryant & the All-Stars and they play a weekly at Cafe Negril. They even apologized to Christina with a tribute once they realized they missed the opportunity to jam with her.

Will they accept her offer? Let's make this go viral and hopefully we can see the situation come full circle!

Fingers crossed!

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