A Lafayette woman was out doing what many of us love to do, satisfy a craving for a juicy chicken sandwich or 12-piece nuggets, until her car stalled on the way into the parking lot. Lucky for her a manager and three employees were more than happy to push her car from Ambassador Caffery to a safer location in a parking lot.


Most are familiar with Chik-fil-A's great food and even better service. The restaurant chain was in the news earlier this month for handing out free food and water at 1:15 am on a Sunday to people waiting in an Atlanta airport after the building lost power. It's so nice to just see people helping people. Between this and Trader Joe's donating thousands of pounds of food to a food bank, maybe there is hope that some businesses and their employees have common sense and can show empathy towards members of their community.

Link to the Reddit post HERE.


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