This had to hurt.

Actor Chevy Chase, who starred in the Christmas Classic "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," recently took a hard fall.

Chase and his wife were in Buffalo, New York for an event to feature "Christmas Vacation" and as the actor walked across the stage to the theme song of the Christmas classic, he got too close to the edge of the stage and that is when he fell to the floor.

His wife rushed to assist him and luckily the beloved actor was able to bounce back up and continue with the event that evening.

As you may expect, some in the audience that this was "part of the show" but it was not and Chevy Chase seemed to have injured his knee in this fall.

In some photos after the show, Chase is with fans, while an ice pack is wrapped around his knee, which he injured in the fall.

Cheveu Chase is now 80-years-old so to see him bounce back so quickly is impressive and we're just glad that the man who loves to make us laugh is okay, even though this fall was not part of the show this evening.

A representative for Chevy Chase says that bad lighting on the stage that night was the reason the actor fell from the stage.

Here's the hard fall that Chase took in front of all his fans.


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