Police officers in New Orleans would probably lead the nation in "you won't believe what happened today" stories. Yesterday was one of those days in the Crescent City. It started out as what might be considered a "routine" traffic stop. It ended with a bit of a standoff between police and a suspect who was standing on top of his partially submerged car.

According to a report from WWL TV, Louisiana State Troopers received a call about a motorist driving erratically on I-10 in Kenner just before 4 pm yesterday. When Troopers attempted to pull the driver of the vehicle over he made a run for it.

Police say the vehicle, driven by Darrell Goirl crashed into to two vehicles during the pursuit down the Interstate. The chase came to an end when Goirl lost control of the car and crashed into Canal No. 3.

Goirl held officers at bay from the roof of his partially submerged vehicle for over an hour. Eventually, officers were able to travel out to Goirl in a boat and take him into custody Goirl is now facing charges of driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest, reckless operation of a vehicle, aggravated flight from an officer and resisting arrest.


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