I think every parent I have ever known has had a struggle with a child's safety seat in their car. Thankfully, manufacturers have heard our cries for help and I have to admit the ease of installation on these important life-saving tools has improved greatly since my two kids were in car seats.

Yesterday Senate Bill 76 was sent to  Governor Edwards' office for his signature. Should the Governor choose to sign the legislation it would add clarification to when and where child safety seats are necessary and how they are to be used.

Under the measure sent to the Governor's desk, this would be required of parents or guardians who transport small children:

  • Children younger than two, to be in a rear-facing car seat
  • A child two years or older who has reached the rear-facing height and weight limits— must be in a front facing car seat with a harness
  • Four and up who’ve outgrown their car seat must be in a booster seat
  • Starting at nine years old, children can use a regular adult seat belt and those 13 and under must ride in the back seat

This list was compiled and published by KPLC TV.

Many parents groups and child advocacy groups are applauding the measure. I to think anything that keeps kids safer in cars is a wonderful idea. Sure it might take a little getting used to a first but when you consider what's really at stake, some of these stipulations come down to common sense and what is best for our little ones.

Should Governor Edwards sign the measure it would become law on August 1st.



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