It's been pretty crazy for several musical artists in the last several weeks. I would never think of hurting a musical artist, but it's become a trend, and now some artists are deciding to fight back in their own way.

We have seen several instances where people in the crowd at a concert have thrown items at performers. Many people say these concertgoers are doing this to get TikTok or YouTube fame.

According to Dr. Lucy Bennett of Cardiff University, people are out in public so much more after the pandemic, and their attitudes have changed, but she says it also has to do with getting attention. She points out that it's not likely you will get noticed by someone famous when you're on social media, but, "If you're in the same physical space as them, and you're throwing something, then you're going to get noticed."

Emerson College marketing professor Kristin Lieb told Yahoo News, "People forget pop stars are people. Audiences think: 'I paid for this. She needs to do what I want now.'"


Morgan Milardo, the managing director at the Berklee Popular Music Institute at the Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts told this to Yahoo News,

As a society, we need to work to overcome these attention-grabbing moments and look beyond that and really get back to the root of why we go to concerts. And it's not so that we can have a viral moment on TikTo for ourselves. Concerts are supposed to offer a community where people can come together to share in the magic of live music.

Throwing things can lead to terrible consequences. It's not a very funny thing to throw things as BeBe Rexha, Drake and Harry Styles have been seriously hurt by flying objects lobbed right at them. When it happened at BeBe Rexha's concert she ended up with a massive hit to one of her eye sockets that she says was extremely painful.

When Harry Styles had an item thrown at his eye recently while he was on stage, you can see by his reaction that the object must have several hurt him on impact. It was not the first time he had been hit while on stage. Last year, someone threw Skittles at Harry Styles' eyes.

Here is the video of Harry Styles performing in Vienna when someone in the audience hurls something at his eyes. It is very sad to think that someone wants their "fifteen minutes of fame" by hurting someone.

Drake was also the victim of someone throwing something at him while he was performing on stage. He was singing a song during his "It's All a Blur" tour when all of the sudden, out of nowhere, someone throws a phone at him.

Singer BeBe Rexha is in the middle of a concert recently when someone in the audience makes the decision to throw something at her. A 27-year-old man from New Jersey was arrested for assaulting her.

In one of the latest incidents, instead of someone throwing something at a performer, a fan at a Bryan Adams concert jumped on stage, took the microphone from Adams, and continued singing the song until he was removed from the stage.

Little Nas X had a similar situation, but at least he seemed like he thought it was funny, and not harmful. The performer was not hit by the item, but someone did throw a sex toy on stage. X eve picked it up.  For as long as concertgoers can remember, things have been thrown at performers on stage, but it's only been in recent times that people have aimed at hitting these performers.

And from something that someone might have considered funny with the sex toy, people have thrown other things that leave the performer uncomfortable. An example is when a fan threw her mother's ashes on stage at a Pink concert because her mother so adored the singer. That's creepy.

Country music star Kelsea Ballerini had a fan throw something, hitting her in the face when she was performing at a concert in Idaho. She left the stage for a while tending to the area of her face where she was hit.

At the end of the day, I would hope this stupid trend, no matter what is motivating it, stops so that these wonderful performers can go back to performing without the stress of wondering every time they go out on stage that they might be hurt.

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