On this Earth Day, we thought we'd share some info on how you can save money, conserve water, and reduce runoff with a rain barrel. This Friday, April 25, 2014 is the last day of Lafayette’s award-winning Rain Barrel program in which residents can get a barrel at a discounted price.

LUS/LCG is offering rain barrels at a discounted cost of $35 to City residents. Lafayette Parish residents outside the City limits can buy them at a wholesale cost of $54. They come in four colors: black, blue, terra cotta, and gray. Supplies are limited.

You can get more info here: www.lus.org/rainbarrel

Rain barrels are designed to capture rainwater from rooftops in order to be stored for later uses such as watering plants or a lawn, washing a vehicle, or for any other outdoor water-related purposes. By collecting and using rainwater, customers are able to supplement their tap water usage and save money on their water bill, while also conserving a vital natural resource. Capturing rainwater that would otherwise flow into the Bayou Vermilion also reduces the amount of surface pollutants from being introduced into the local watershed.