Let's just say that Big Brother fans were not happy Sunday night...

Is it just me, or shouldn't you be willing to bend in some way in order to keep your customers happy? Well, it looks like millions of customers are not happy when they realized there is a CBS blackout in many cities across the country. DirecTV and AT&T U-verse Customers looking to watch their favorite shows found this message instead.


Turns out, we have all been ripped off due to big business people in their expensive suits not getting along. Ok, I'm being a little dramatic, I just can't stand it when the customer gets lost in the boardroom. And to do it in the middle of Big Brother and right before the NFL preseason begins...

According to NBC, CBS and AT&T have failed to renew their contract. Over a dozen cities have been blacked out as a result. CBS had been warning it's customers with a bottom line ticker since Tuesday, July 16 that a blackout would be coming on July 19, if terms were not agreed on.

Enter your zip code here to see if you have been affected.

A similar situation was avoided back in March when AT&T and Viacom struggled to reach an agreement. During that dispute, the future of channels like MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central were all in question. Luckily, an agreement was reached before any station was blacked out.

So, where do you watch your shows?

CBS subscribers can watch their favorite shows on CBS.com or with the CBS All Access App. Another option is to use the Locast App. Customers can also go to KeepCBS.com to take action.

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