It's always great to see some Lafayette history in video form, and it's not often we see it from this early on.

This video was filmed by Pete Gerac's father. Pete is seen in the video. It's of a basketball game from 1955 of the Cathedral Tigers of Lafayette.

It was posted to the Lafayette Memories facebook page. One of the players himself, Mr. Gerald Reaux, commented on the video and mentioned who the players you see are.

He says:

A classic video. Some of the players prominately shown are: Gerald Reaux passing to O.P. above. Others shown elsewhere: Harvey Broussard, Lefty Boulanger, Pete Gerac, Raymond Landry, Philip Yazbeck, Carroll Comeaux & David Mouton. All from CHS classes of 1955 to 1957 in Lafayette, La.

I thought that the video was an awesome show of history, but became even cooler to me when I realized that my great-uncle, Ronald "Lefty" Boulanger (we knew him as Pie...also, he stuck the birdfinger a lot), is featured in the video.

Jersey numbers: Starters: 20 Gerald Reaux, 22 O. P. Ditch, 21 Harvey Broussard, 23 Lefty Boulanger, 29 Pete Gerac. Cathedral is in the light colored jerseys.

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