Keep your eyes on the sky this evening for a chance to view the International Space Station. According to our guy Rob Perillo over at KATC-TV3, you may also be able to see the SpaceX crew delivering some astronauts to the ISS.

A big thanks to @robperillo of our media partners at KATC-TV3 for posting this Tweet

Rob Perillo has been the face of some tough times for Louisiana throughout this Hurricane season, so I know he loves to post some cool news like this right here.

I am such a sucker for seeing stuff in space, I have to let everyone else know about something as sweet as the International Space Station being visible.

The added bonus of potentially seeing a crew get delivered to the ISS will have me outside all evening long, peering up into the night sky.

Thanks again, Mr. Perillo. I will definitely be waking up tomorrow with a crick in my neck after tonight's star-gazing session!

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